50th Northumberland Chess Congress

  • Open, U165 and U135
  • Open FIDE rated!
  • 5 rounds
  • £500 first prize in Open, £250 in lower sections, plus places and grading prizes (subject to entries)
  • Very affordable £28/£22 entry for ECF Members.
  • the rate of play will be 40 moves in 1 hour 40 minutes. After Black’s 40th move both clocks will receive an extra 20 minutes and all moves completed in the remaining time.
  • Foundation section available for players U105 and have never won a main prize at a Congress.
  • 10 rounds – 2 one hour each games v each opponent, white and black.
  • £100 First Prize

The event is taking place at:

Parks Leisure Centre
Howdon Rd
North Shields,
Tyne and Wear
NE29 6TL

Grab an entry form

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Welcome to the Northumbria Chess League website

The Northumbria Chess League is the premier local chess competition for players in Newcastle, Northumberland and Tyneside. In 2013-14 the league has 25 teams of five, representing eleven clubs, with well over 100 players regularly taking part. Our season runs from October to April, but new players may join at any point. For more information on getting involved please see our newly renovated Clubs page, or email nca@live.co.uk.

Want to know whether Leam Lane Aces can make it five unbeaten titles in a row? Curious how a chess league even works? You can now follow @ncaleague on Twitter for live(-ish) analysis and results.

To see your favourite team’s results, click on their name under “All Posts” in the panel on the left. The page you’re looking at now displays the results for all teams in roughly the order they were submitted – so the most recent result will be immediately below this notice.

Captains: to submit results, use the Submit Result button, where you will find further instructions.

Your website is run by Lewis Self.

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Tynemouth B 2½-2½ Jesmond rookies

John Morton ½-½ John Turnock
Lara Barnes ½-½ Paul Bielby
Dave Hair 1-0 Rob Archer
Keith Rockett ½-½ Andy Trevelyan
Ray Garside 0-1 Dave Walshaw

Tuesday 28th October

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Changes to the Laws of Chess

There are two main changes
  • A player can now only make one illegal move.  A second illegal move by the same player will end the game – normally as a loss for that player.
  • If a player moves a pawn to the opposite end of the board and starts the opponent’s clock without having exchanged the pawn for another piece then this is an illegal move.  In addition to the two minutes awarded to the opponent for an illegal move the pawn can now only be promoted to a queen.

There is a third change which will make no practical difference.  The right to claim a draw in the last two minutes has been removed from the main laws to Appendix G.  It will still be possible to claim a draw in league games using this rule as previously.

There are two other changes which are very unlikely to affect league games.  In addition to the 50 move rule and 3 occurrences of a position, a game is now automatically drawn if 75 moves each are played without a pawn move or a capture or if the same position occurs 5 times in 9 moves. 

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RIP Ian McClen 1967-2014

We are very sad to announce the untimely death of former Northumberland player Ian McClen on 8th May this year. Andrew Lawson sends the following personal tribute:

“I remember first seeing Ian as a junior at Wylam chess club in the late 1970s. Later he played for Gateshead and Newcastle as well as in local events. He graduated in Economics from Newcastle University and then did an MSc. at Sunderland. He moved to London around 1997 to work as a data analyst. Due to work commitments and, later, illness, he didn’t play any league chess until last year when he regularly appeared for Ealing chess club.

“Besides chess, his main interests were football, politics and music. After a particularly bad time of his life, Ian seemed to be improving and was preparing to move back to Newcastle by September, which makes his death all the more tragic for his friends.

“He leaves a sister, Catherine, whom many of Ian’s friends met shortly before his funeral in Crawcrook last week. One friend of Ian’s, who is now a professor at Coventry, only found out about his funeral the night before and drove from there to Newcastle the next day to attend – which suggests a rare loyalty in the fragmented times we live in.”

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British Championships, Sat 19 July – Sat 2 Aug in Aberystwyth

Reasons to take part:

  • Wales is only a slightly foreign country – no need for a Berlitz phrase book
  • The congress offers competitions for every grading standard and for Senior and Junior players
  • If you choose not to spend the whole fortnight there are weekenders and morning and afternoon events
  • You’ll meet opponents from all over the UK – refreshing as well as testing
  • You can enjoy commentary on the games in the Open event – very helpful if you want to forget the game you just lost.

If you’re interested or undecided find out more from the website: www.britishchampionships.co.uk Please talk to your team-mates about it. Let’s try to make sure Northumberland is well represented.  

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Jesmond Rookies 2-3 Jesmond Leam Lane Aces

Charlie Storey 1-0 David Walker
Joe Dalton 1-0 Norman Solomon
Zheming Zhang 0-1 Kyrill Gara
James Moreby 0-1 Chris Wardle
Robert Archer 0-1 John Marsh

Monday 12th May 2014

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Can you help us?

There are currently a number of opportunities for people enthusiastic about chess to become executive officers of the Northumberland Chess Association (the group responsible for delivering the Northumbria Chess League and many other activities).

The post of Secretary is currently being filled on an acting basis. The Secretary’s fixed duties are to arrange committee meetings, take minutes and receive mail, but in the course of those duties they tend to turn into a hub of information and to an extent orchestrate the activities of the other officers. In fact it’s the kind of job I’d like to do myself, if I could find a replacement…

Webmaster.  I’ve now got the operation of this site down to a science that requires only a little bit of initial training and a modest time commitment. In the past I’ve outsourced it to friends and relatives who’ve needed a little something extra for their CV. There is no HTML editing involved!

We haven’t had a Promotions Officer since the days of “The Bishop” column in the Evening Chronicle. Could you advertise chess in Northumberland in a way we haven’t thought of?

Or if you have an interest in tournament mathematics, combined with a penchant for telling people to hurry up and get organised, maybe the post of Individual Championship Organiser would appeal? The Open section of our Individual Championships, known as the Zollner, has an enormous silver Viking statue and a British Championship place as the prize, so it’s rather a big deal.

Would it help if you had a nosey around the workings of the Executive Committee for a while before you take on any actual work? As long as you’re a member of a league club, you can ask to be placed on the committee as a League Delegate. There are no duties at all beyond attending meetings, but simply adding your voice to our discussions will help us better understand the wishes of the chess-playing community.

Finally, if you happen to enjoy chess politics and/or travelling to the Leeds-Bradford area, we could use a dedicated NCCU Delegate. The NCCU being the Northern Counties Chess Union, at whose meetings we are entitled to be represented.


Please get in touch by email (nca@live.co.uk) or by leaving a comment, or by appearing at our AGM on Thursday 15th May, 7pm, Newcastle Brunswick Methodist Church.

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