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Forest Hall C 0d5 South Shields

I’ve been informed that there are no plans to re-schedule this match, which was originally called off by Forest Hall C in December.

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Aces return to Leam Lane

A plan has been agreed for Leam Lane Chess Club to continue operating next season and to take back the 1st Division place currently occupied by Jesmond Leam Lane Aces. I’d like to record my personal thanks to David Walker, Norman Solomon, Kyrill

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Division 3 clinched by Tynemouth Wa… wait a second… SPRITES!

Well this is most remarkable. Tynemouth Sprites, reformed last autumn as Tynemouth’s fifth team, have beaten their higher-ranked clubmates the Warriors to the Division 3 title. Back in January the Warriors were unbeaten and cruising, having taken maximum points off

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Jesmond Leam Lane Aces 2½-2½ Jesmond Knights

David Walker ½-½ Malola Prasath Norman Solomon ½-½ Ed Dodds Chris Wardle 1-0 John Turnock John Marsh ½-½ Robert Archer Robert Forsythe 0-1 Dave Walshaw Tuesday 22nd April 2014

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Tynemouth Sprites 3-1 Forest Hall C

David Pearson 0-1 John Wall Lewis Self 1-0 Tania Kisseljov Bill Penny 1-0 Jonny Wall Peter Combellack 1-0 Sofia Kisseljov Friday 18th April 2014

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Tynemouth Castles 3½-1½ Gosforth Salters

Dave Jarema ½-½ Geoff Harrison Keith Rockett ½-½ Kurt Moreby Dave Hair ½-½ John France Dave Mear 1-0 Steve Wilde Ray Garside 1-0 Brian Ord Tuesday 4th March 2014

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Morpeth A 3-2 Jesmond Leam Lane Aces

Roger Coathup 0-1 David Walker Mike Smyth ½-½ Norman Solomon James Turner 1-0 Chris Wardle Geoff Loxham ½-½ Robert Archer Alan Welsh 1-0 Andy Trevelyan Wednesday 2nd April 2014

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