Can you help us?

There are currently a number of opportunities for people enthusiastic about chess to become executive officers of the Northumberland Chess Association (the group responsible for delivering the Northumbria Chess League and many other activities).

The post of Secretary is currently being filled on an acting basis. The Secretary’s fixed duties are to arrange committee meetings, take minutes and receive mail, but in the course of those duties they tend to turn into a hub of information and to an extent orchestrate the activities of the other officers. In fact it’s the kind of job I’d like to do myself, if I could find a replacement…

Webmaster.  I’ve now got the operation of this site down to a science that requires only a little bit of initial training and a modest time commitment. In the past I’ve outsourced it to friends and relatives who’ve needed a little something extra for their CV. There is no HTML editing involved!

We haven’t had a Promotions Officer since the days of “The Bishop” column in the Evening Chronicle. Could you advertise chess in Northumberland in a way we haven’t thought of?

Or if you have an interest in tournament mathematics, combined with a penchant for telling people to hurry up and get organised, maybe the post of Individual Championship Organiser would appeal? The Open section of our Individual Championships, known as the Zollner, has an enormous silver Viking statue and a British Championship place as the prize, so it’s rather a big deal.

Would it help if you had a nosey around the workings of the Executive Committee for a while before you take on any actual work? As long as you’re a member of a league club, you can ask to be placed on the committee as a League Delegate. There are no duties at all beyond attending meetings, but simply adding your voice to our discussions will help us better understand the wishes of the chess-playing community.

Finally, if you happen to enjoy chess politics and/or travelling to the Leeds-Bradford area, we could use a dedicated NCCU Delegate. The NCCU being the Northern Counties Chess Union, at whose meetings we are entitled to be represented.


Please get in touch by email ( or by leaving a comment, or by appearing at our AGM on Thursday 15th May, 7pm, Newcastle Brunswick Methodist Church.

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