Changes to the Laws of Chess

There are two main changes
  • A player can now only make one illegal move.  A second illegal move by the same player will end the game – normally as a loss for that player.
  • If a player moves a pawn to the opposite end of the board and starts the opponent’s clock without having exchanged the pawn for another piece then this is an illegal move.  In addition to the two minutes awarded to the opponent for an illegal move the pawn can now only be promoted to a queen.

There is a third change which will make no practical difference.  The right to claim a draw in the last two minutes has been removed from the main laws to Appendix G.  It will still be possible to claim a draw in league games using this rule as previously.

There are two other changes which are very unlikely to affect league games.  In addition to the 50 move rule and 3 occurrences of a position, a game is now automatically drawn if 75 moves each are played without a pawn move or a capture or if the same position occurs 5 times in 9 moves. 

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